Salim Shariff

Salim Shariff

Managing Director - Global

Salim is a dynamic and ambitious entrepreneur who has always had a huge passion for cars. His dedication to the motor industry began at the young age of 13 when he saved up all his pocket money to buy his first car.  This car is still in his possession some thirty years later

By 2011 the business Salim had set up had shifted to export trade and travelling to the Far East became very regular.  UVS Singapore was established as the HQ in 2012.  This has, in turn, has created many more opportunities and the company is steadily expanding.

Salim is the group director of all three companies (South Africa, United Kingdom and Singapore) and takes a personal interest in the progress of each of these enterprises. Salim’s main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, the longevity of business with established partners and ensuring profitability for both customer and the UVS brand.

Koh Sing

Koh Sing

Sales Manager

Koh Sing definitely finds UVS an enjoyable work environment: “It is very fun and challenging.”

Koh Sing finds the work appealing at UVS for the following reasons:

1. Making friends
2. Facing problems, but always solving them
3. Every day is different!

“I have had the opportunity to go to various countries on ad-hoc jobs, which has been challenging and enjoyable at the same time.”

After accomplishing a difficult task and a tough vehicle-related project, Koh Sing finds it very satisfying as he feels it makes his life journey interesting and exciting. Go UVS!

Neil Arde

Neil Arde

Managing Director - South Africa

With a diverse and long background in business management, Neil Arde is a true entrepreneur at heart. Always looking for opportunities and business management systems that improve service levels and the customer experience. He is passionate about the opportunities and development that await Africa and is particularly interested in how the continual growth in the digital space will transform and influence vehicle sales, exports and logistics in Africa.

If it is Singapore vehicles that interest you or newer South African vehicle makes and models, Neil and his office in Durban will be able to help with any sale and export enquiry. Ever keen to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships, give UVS South Africa a try today for quality vehicles and expert service.

Serving the entire Southern Africa region as well as East African exports to Kenya and Tanzania we are the experts when it comes to vehicles sales, logistics and exports in Africa.

Cai Xuan Lim

Cai Xuan Lim

Office Manager

Being the first employee of UVS Singapore Pte Ltd has been an interesting experience for Cai Xuan. She began working with UVS Singapore in September 2012, when it was newly established. From only knowing numbers and accounting, she now understands car trading/logistics and global exports better.

She has a great ability now to deal with customers and suppliers from different countries, arrange shipments, keep track of the ongoing deals, office administration, payments and also helps find solutions to surface problems that naturally creep into the workplace. There was one experience that Xuan remembers fondly. She had to travel to Kuala Lumpur to deal with a car for export and they had been working on this particular deal for days, communicating back and forth with the seller, shipping agent and also the local authority in order to get the whole process completed. “The whole process took us a week but we eventually resolved all the issues and the vehicle was exported much to the delight of the customer (and us)!” 

She says, challenging deals do exist frequently, but they always find solutions and thrive on the challenge. “Throughout the years, UVS has had its fair share of challenges, but I’m glad to say that it has stayed strong and has grown steadily over the past few years. Wishing UVS Singapore greater success in the near future! Cheers!”


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