South Africa Office

The office based out of Durban, South Africa and is ideally placed to offer turnkey export solutions for new and used vehicles for any country in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. It is headed up by Neil Arde who is the Director and is always on hand to assist.

The countries that this office exports to are generally the Right-Hand drive vehicle countries in Southern and East Africa and typically offer an alternative to clients in these countries who may have had challenges for sourcing the vehicles locally in their own country.

South Africa has a developed vehicle dealership and logistics infrastructure network and is ideally placed to serve the needs of this region through sourcing, supply, export logistics and other tailored solutions.



Heritage House 20 Old Main Road Hillcrest, 3610 Kwa Zulu Nata, South Africa


+27 825 250 170 (Office)

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Mon - Friday: 9.00am - 6.00pm (GMT+2:00)

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