Singapore Office (Headquarter)

The Singapore office is predominantly the HQ of the group and is where Salim Shariff, the group director is based. This office prides itself on a wide scope of expert vehicle sourcing and supply solutions that it offers various clients in the entire South East Asia region. These could be for a supply of for any type of customer in the region that may need to be sourced from globally.

Another important activity of this office is the export of used cars out of Singapore which are at the end of their COE life or cars that are in the mid-5th year of its COE life. These cars are sold to other right drive ex commonwealth countries such as New Zealand, Cyprus, Uk and Jamaica. Singapore also offers new cars to neighbouring countries from The UK and Australia. 

The office has a staff compliment of five busy and dedicated members. It is based in the West coast close to Jurong port. Singapore is geographically well placed for Salim and the team to travel to meet  clients in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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2 Venture Drive, #14-07 Vision Exchange Singapore, 608526


+65 6479 7939 (Office)

+65 9117 7907 (Mobile)

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