Important reasons to check your tyres

The importance of checking your tyres   Your tyres are the contact point between your vehicle and the ground. Their condition is absolutely paramount to the safety of everyone in the car and they keep the journey smooth and comfortable. Adequate pressure Adequate...

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Why we love the Ford Ranger Raptor

Car noises to listen out for Squeaking when you brake Possible causes: Worn brake pads or brake rotors When the brakes’ hardware is worn out, you will usually hear a screeching sound when you engage the brakes. This is because the brakes are unable to release properly...

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Checks to keep your vehicle safe and maintained!

It’s always exciting to pack your car and head for a change of scenery with the family. If you’re going offroad, these essential checks will keep you safe and your vehicle maintained. Check your tyres One of the most obvious checks you may have done before your...

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Are you ready to purchase your first set of wheels?

Buying your first car? New or used, there's nothing more thrilling than setting out to purchase your first set of wheels. But it's a vast market, and can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. So, we've put together a few handy tips to help get the...

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New year. New you. New car!

Hello, 2019. Are you ready for a brand new year filled with opportunity? Of course you are. Set a blazing pace for the year with a stylish set of wheels from South Africa. We can help you find and export your chosen new or used vehicle. Ready to export your next...

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Hatchback or compact SUV? We’ll help you choose!

Hooray! You've decided to purchase a used car, but which type should you choose? With so many options out there, finding the right vehicle can be an overwhelming experience. Two of the most popular choices are hatchbacks and compact SUVs. We've put together four key...

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