Hello, 2019. Are you ready for a brand new year filled with opportunity? Of course you are. Set a blazing pace for the year with a stylish set of wheels from South Africa. We can help you find and export your chosen new or used vehicle.

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Which engine size is right for you?

Not sure which engine size suits your needs? The bigger the better, right? Not necessarily. The more powerful your engine, the more dollar signs attached. Before you pick your next vehicle, let us help you decide which engine size suits your needs:


Generally, the larger the engine, the more power it produces. Vehicles with bigger engines can accelerate faster, as well as carry and tow heavier loads. But, if your small vehicle has a turbo engine, it may be capable of wielding more power.


Vehicles with bigger engines burn through fuel a lot quicker than smaller cars do. If you want your fuel to travel further, opt for a smaller engine. Also, consider the type of fuel. A diesel engine tends to consume less than a petrol one.

Which engine size should you choose?

When it comes to picking a car with a big or small engine, consider how you’ll be using your vehicle. If you’re travelling long distances or towing heavy loads opt for a larger engine. If you have short commutes filled with stop-starts, a smaller engine is the better choice.

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Car of the month
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Do you live your life from one adventure to the next? You need an SUV capable of taking on the challenge. The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. Safe, reliable and comfortable, the Pajero Sport can take you to work and venture off-road with equal ease. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a luxury SUV.

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UVS question corner

Q: I want a car sent to my country, but we don’t have a sea port. Can you help?
A: Yes we can! Our road freight partners and local agents can usually transport your vehicle directly to you. Visit our website for more information about our export procedure.

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