Happy holidays. Thank you for another fantastic year. All of us here at UVS wish you a joyous festive period and a Happy New Year.

Maintenance tips to prepare your car for a holiday road trip:

The festive season isn’t complete without a road trip to visit friends and family! Is your car ready to hit the open road? Make sure you run through these handy maintenance tips a few days before you leave:

Check your motor oil

Let’s start with an easy one – your motor oil. Always check the level before a long trip. If it’s due to be changed, rather do so before you leave.

Change your gearbox fluid

Your owner’s manual will indicate the right intervals for gearbox filter and fluid changes, but you may want to get your car serviced before your trip if your gearbox is shifting hard.

Pop the bonnet

Don’t forget to take a peek under the hood. Check there are no cracks or leaks in any of the hoses, look for signs of fraying or cracks on the belt, top up the coolant reservoir, and test your battery.

Pump those tires

Always check your tires before a long trip. Make sure the pressure is correct. If the tread is less than 2 mm or you spot any cracks and bulges, you should buy new tires.

Test the brakes

Last but not least, make sure your brakes are in top condition. Check for any leaks and have a quick look at your brake fluid. If it looks like maple syrup, it’s time to flush the system.

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Q: What documents will I get for the vehicle?
A: You’ll receive all the standard documents, including; bill of lading, de-registration certificate, export permit, police clearance, pre-shipment inspection (if applicable), original commercial/sales invoice, insurance (if applicable), spare keys (if available) and books pack. We can also assist if your country requires any additional documents, as long as you let us know in advance.

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