The importance of checking your tyres


Your tyres are the contact point between your vehicle and the ground. Their condition is absolutely paramount to the safety of everyone in the car and they keep the journey smooth and comfortable.

Adequate pressure

Adequate pressure in your tyres ensures your vehicle travels at its optimal performance range and fuel economy. Adequate tyre pressure also prevents heat build-up and improves durability and flexibility.

Know when to replace your tyres

Replace your tyres when the tread is less than 3mm deep. At 1.6 millimetres in wet weather, it takes an extra car length (8 metres) to brake effectively! 

Failing to change your tyres on time can result in poor handling (steering and braking) on the roads and increases the risk of an accident.

How to check your tyre’s tread

You can check the depth of your tyre by looking at the wear indicators (check in the grooves of the tread pattern). 

You can also use a depth measuring gauge, which is a handy little device small enough to keep in the glove compartment.




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