Hooray! You’ve decided to purchase a used car, but which type should you choose? With so many options out there, finding the right vehicle can be an overwhelming experience. Two of the most popular choices are hatchbacks and compact SUVs. We’ve put together four key points of each one to help you decide which type of car is right for you:

4 Benefits of a compact SUV

Driving Position

Compact SUVs are higher than hatchbacks, providing increased road visibility – ideal for crowded cities where awareness is crucial.

Space Flexibility

Compact SUVs offer a bigger boot space than hatchbacks and often provide the option of folding the rear seats to create more space.

Ground Clearance

If you frequently have to tackle rough roads, opt for a compact SUV. These vehicles are built higher off the ground, providing more clearance.


Built for rougher terrain, compact SUVs generally come with a range of safety features to protect passengers.

4 Benefits of a hatchback

Running Costs

Due to their smaller size, hatchbacks are generally more cost-effective to run in the long-term. Insurance and tires are usually cheaper.

Fuel Efficiency

Hatchbacks are typically more fuel efficient than other vehicles. With a light foot, one tank can stretch further than that of a compact SUV.


Hatchbacks are small and zippy, able to navigate corners and tight spots with ease. Due to their lower body structure, they are also less likely to roll.


Most hatchbacks are usually listed at a lower price than SUVs, which is especially helpful when purchasing outright.

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Car of the month
Toyota RAV4

If you’re looking for a vehicle that has it all – looks, style and functionality – the RAV4 is the one. This sleek and handsome compact SUV is the embodiment of everything good about Toyota. Safe, versatile and offering ample boot space, this vehicle is ideal for both city cruising and countryside adventuring.

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