Export Procedure

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Choose your South African vehicle

Browse through any of the listings on either www.autotrader.co.za, www.cars.co.za or www.carfind.co.za. Agree on a deal with the South African car dealer. Once you’ve done that, contact us!

UVS sends a quote

Before you’ve paid any money across to the South African car dealer, UVS will send you a complete pricing. If you agree with the CIF price, a Proforma Invoice will be sent inviting you to proceed with the purchase.

Dealership issues UVS official quote

The Dealership will send an official offer to purchase to UVS and the vehicle will be placed on hold.

UVS invoices purchaser

Upon receiving your invoice, please reply acknowledging the receipt. Check all the details are correct and proceed with payment.

Payments received and processed

Your vehicle will be prepared for export and the payment is processed with the South African dealer. Once confirmed, UVS will book the shipment and send you the booking confirmation with all the necessary details and documents.

Documentation, inspection and export permits processed

UVS will proceed with the inspection and prepare and arrange vehicle documents for you. If any additional documents are required, please request documentation in advance so it can be prepared simultaneously.

Logistical details finalised and dispatch confirmed

The shipping or freight company will send us the official export documents. We will courier the originals to you and email a scanned copy for your reference. A track and trace number will also be supplied.

Freight and final delivery

UVS or our nominated agents will contact you to inform you of your vehicle delivery and arrival. Their details will be mentioned in the shipping and export documents for your reference. If you have your own agents, kindly engage them to start the clearing process.


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