Fuel prices are sky-high! How can you get more kilometres out of one tank?

At the fuel pump

Leave the hose in your tank for a few minutes after all the fuel has been dispensed. It takes a few minutes after the pump has stopped before all the fuel has left the hose and arrived in your tank. You can add up to a quarter of a cup of fuel to your tank this way!

Check your battery cables

Battery cables that are corroded will place extra strain on the alternator. This means you’re using more fuel for the same journey. Ask to have your battery cables cleaned with each service to improve their longevity.

Don’t let your car idle

An idling car can burn up to 3 litres of fuel per hour. If you’re waiting for something or someone, turn off your car’s engine. It is more cost-effective to start the engine again.

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Car of the month
Mercedes Benz E Class

The E Class still carries its broad remit with its distinguished coupé, saloon, cabriolet, and estate models.

Engine: There is a constant feeling of power and quiet strength among across the full range in this class, with an especially strong “pull” at 1500 RPM. A smooth and predictable drive.

Interior: From the driver’s seat, this car looks and feels like the S-Class Limousine’s twin brother – a pretty hefty compliment! The optional giant display behind the steering is highly recommended, bringing more visual options to the forefront of your vision. Enjoy all the comforts of luxury editions – lumbar support and interior trim as well as bells and whistles like in-car wi-fi hotspot, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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UVS question corner

Q: From the promotional email I received, I love the car and the price is good, what should I do now?
A: Kindly contact us via email and we will issue you with Proforma invoice to proceed.

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