Bought a used car? Here’s what to do next!

A used car may already have a few miles on the clock, but there’s no reason your ‘new’ used vehicle won’t give you plenty of joy for years to come. Here are a few things you should check on the moment you take delivery of your next vehicle (and on a regular basis).

Engine oil

First thing’s first, pull out the dipstick and check on the status of your engine oil. If the level is lower than the marker or dark and viscous, it’s time to replenish. Keep your eye on the colour of your oil, if it’s an unusual hue, like creamy or milky you could have a serious problem, such as leaking antifreeze. Call your mechanic straight away if things appear out of the ordinary.

Brake fluid

Equally important, is your car’s brake fluid – the safety of you and your passengers depend on this. Without brake fluid, your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system won’t work. To keep the vehicle running, and braking smoothly, flush out the old fluid and replace with new fluid from time to time.


Chances are, the tires on your recently purchased used vehicle will already have some wear and tear on them. Give each tire the once over, check the tread isn’t too worn and look for cracks and bulges. Also, get into the habit of checking your tire pressure regularly. The wrong pressure can affect your speed and fuel consumption.

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UVS question corner

Q: How are the conditions of your advertised vehicles?
A: Our Singapore cars are all handpicked and carefully selected by our qualified team who visit and inspect every one of the vehicles we buy into our inventory. ¬†For global sourcing, we can either visit those cars or rely on our great network of professionally accredited inspection centres to conduct a thorough inspection on your behalf. We’ll manage all the logistics involved and present you with the report for possible approval and purchase.

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