It’s always exciting to pack your car and head for a change of scenery with the family. If you’re going offroad, these essential checks will keep you safe and your vehicle maintained.

Check your tyres

One of the most obvious checks you may have done before your journey anyway. Before you hit the rough outdoors, check your tyres for cracks, make sure there aren’t any nails in the tyre (sometimes the tyre may be temporarily sealed around the nail – later on, this will cause major dilemmas). Also, make sure the lug nuts are tight, and remember to check your spare.

Diff check

Your differentials are designed to handle a beating, but you do need to check on them. Always inspect their condition if you emerge them in water. If the fluid is milky, it has mixed with water and will need replacing. You can get protective covers for your diffs, it doesn’t guarantee anything but could help to extend the life of your diffs.

Watch your shocks

Inspect around the bushings and mounts of your shocks after every ride. Shocks keep your steering accurate and your tyre function smooth. Worn shocks are not only dangerous, they will also ruin your driving experience.

Spool you winch

Your cable and winch is an essential safety item. If you used your winch, be sure to inspect your cable thoroughly by running the cable all the way out. Check there are no nicks or potential hazards before you respool it.

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Q: Once I have confirmed a vehicle and agreed on the price and terms, what is the next step?
A: A proforma invoice will be emailed to you, which is usually the necessary documents required by all banks to make overseas payments.

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